↟ Hello ↟

I’m from Russia. I was born in Siberia in a little town called Khanty-Mansiysk. I live in Moscow.

I’m a professional photographer and postcard creator. Postcards are based on my own photos. My inspiration is life, people and travels. Thanks to interesting people new images are born, thanks to travelling – a new fresh vision. As for life… it can not help but inspire!

The main principle of work is here and now. My main characters are people and their emotions. By traveling and meeting people from around the world, I capture their passion in my pictures. At present moment the most interesting projects of mine are being created. And most of them were implemented to life in the Maldives.
If you like my art, please, leave some comments and I will send you a postcard as a present. Your opinion is very important for me!

For cooperation, please, write here: rudenko.tati@gmail.com.

Travel. Smile. Improve yourself.

With love, Tati Tata ♥

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